Water Island Excursion
February 13, 2017/0 Comments/in St. Thomas, Tropical Destinations

Only a 10 minute ferry ride from St. Thomas

Enjoy Emerald Seas and experience “Island Time” Living

Ferry Ride

Hop on a quick 10 minute ferry ride from the Crown Bay Marina port in St. Thomas and relax on beautiful Water Island surrounded beautiful emerald seas.

Water Island is unique compared to the other islands due to its laid-back approach to the everyday hustle and bustle. Only 491 acres and a population of less than 200, Water Island is a perfect place to escape from reality. On this island where golf carts outnumber the amount of cars, it is the perfect place to enjoy a day of solely relaxation.

Honeymoon Beach

One great spot to visit while on the island is Honeymoon Beach. With two bars, one on each side of the beach, it is the ideal place to experience what island life is all about- white sandy beaches and relaxing the day away. Complete with beach chairs, amazing food and drinks, it is very easy to lose track of time while here.  

The Golf Cart Experience

Another great thing to do while on this island is to cruise around in a golf cart. With no stop signs or traffic lights there there are no limitations to your island adventure. Thus, you can cruise around this island easily and explore everything it has to offer. Golf cart over to the famous fort located on the southern side of the island. Fort Segarra allows you to experience what historic Water Island was like. This fort was used by the US forces to protect the St. Thomas harbor during the World Wars and is a great sight for the entire family to see while visiting this island.

Family Time on an Island

It’s well worth the visit  to this amazing little island while on vacation to the Virgin Islands. It’s accessible and a place the entire family can enjoy. What makes this island truly special is that you can experience a vacation atmosphere, little island culture, and history.

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