SUBLIME Yacht Charter
March 8, 2016/0 Comments/in Luxury Vacations, Why Book a Yacht Charter

Bring the whole family to enjoy the pristine waters of the Caribbean Archipelago.

A perfect place for swimming or snorkeling; for those who want an up close and personal interaction with some of the diverse sea life habitats. Or, go for a dive if you are feeling adventurous. Jump into the Caribbean Sea for turtle encounters or take a swim with a school of fish. The possibilities are endless when you take a trip to the VI.

If you would like to experience all of this and more the charter yacht Sublime is for you. This 75 foot monohull is the ideal boat for day charters, long term charters or dinner cruises, and can accommodate up to 8 guests.

When you hop on a boat like this one, be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and into the sea. No matter your scuba diving experience, the two Dive Masters, Brian and Stephanie, can ensure your safety and satisfaction. If you are already certified you can partake in two dives a day while aboard the ship, excluding the first and last days of the charter. Also, there is no need to bring your own gear, because it will be provided. Even if you are a complete beginner without certification, there is no need to fret, because this boat also offers a chance for you to explore this sport via two diving courses.

If not ardent for diving, Sublime Yacht Charter offers plenty more activities that could be more up your ally. One includes gliding atop the waves on one of the two paddle boards aboard the vessel. But, if this still is not for you Sublime offers other fun toys including wake boards and waterskies. And, when you are ready to relax, climb into the hammock as you rock to sleep with the rhythm of the waves. But, beware, while cruising along the waves you may encounter a whale. These magnificent animals are a common sight to see in the winter months in this climate and can be a great experience that can be found while sailing on the boat Sublime. This is one friend, whose company, the entire family will enjoy. This mesmerizing confrontation may also be accompanied by dolphins and a number of other friendly sea creatures.

In concern to cuisine, it is sublime. Start off your morning with a hearty breakfast tailored to your taste profile. This can include eggs benedict or crepes. Relax as you dine and enjoy the exquisite views and islands of the Caribbean. For lunch, enjoy a taste from the sea and try Sublime’s famous West Coast Tacos and Tangled Tiger shrimp salad. You can never go wrong with cocktails on the deck paired with Sublime’s signature delectable appetizers. In case all of that was not already satisfying, for dinner, enjoy the island infused scallops or pork tenderloin. At the end of the night savor the rich chocolate soufflé that will keep you always coming back for more. Also, this is the perfect chance to indulge in your choice of house wine or liquor.

If you want a break from the office and are in need of a vacation, travel to the Virgin Islands, and sail with Sublime for a wonderful time that will leave you feeling refreshed. Come for a party or to relax but leave with the unforgettable memories of the wonderful adventures that are created through experiencing the real life of the Caribbean.

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