Why choose a yacht charter vacation?

Yacht Charter Vacation

If you’ve never had a vacation aboard a yacht charter, then you may wonder what all the fuss is about. But those who have experienced the luxury of their own yacht and crew will know that no other vacation can compare. There are many reasons to choose a private yacht charter over a cruise ship or resort holiday, or even buying your own yacht. We’ve listed just a few of them below.

Luxury Travel at its Best

A luxury private yacht charter or sailing vacation in the Caribbean is the ultimate indulgence. With lavish surroundings, five star accommodation and dining and a personal service, your wish is our every command on a private yacht charter. Not to mention the breath-taking views you will enjoy every single minute of your stylish vacation.

Create Your Own Custom Vacation

With a yacht charter you can create a custom itinerary made just for you and your family. It is the most tailored approach to a vacation you can find. Whether you want to explore secluded islands, sail the Caribbean waters every day or simply relax and unwind in the shade on a catamaran, monohull or power yacht. Chartertree yacht brokers will present you with yacht options and find you the right crew to fit your planned yacht vacation. You won’t find a more personalized service to your vacation at any hotel or resort.

Discover Untouched Islands

Some of the most beautiful places in the world can only be reached by boat – on a private yacht you are privileged to be part of an exclusive club who can visit these areas of natural beauty. Discover hidden coves, untouched beaches and isolated islands which can only be accessed from the water. Fancy having your very own private island for the day? All this is possible and more with a private crewed yacht charter.

Different Destinations

You can stay in the world’s most luxury hotels and five star resorts and have a nice time. But they can’t offer you a different view every single day, and an array of activities and experiences to make a vacation of a lifetime. They can’t ensure that you have the entire hotel complex to yourself – but you can have your very own luxury yacht.


If you’re ready to plan your unforgettable private yacht charter vacation, contact Ryan Skinner or Sergio Reyes so they can help organize your next sailing experience in the Virgin Islands!

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