Bare Boats

Sail the Virgin Islands; Be Your Own Captain!

One of the best services chartertree offers is the ability to rent a yacht without a captain also known as a bareboat charter. We offer a variety of yachts for you to captain and sail throughout the Caribbean Islands. One of the best options and services we offer is a bareboat charter. Choose from a Catamaran, Monohull, or Power Yacht for sailing in St. Thomas or the British Virgin Islands. If you are a free spirit and enjoying sailing around on your own terms and time schedule, we recommend our choosing a bareboat. There’s simply no better way to spend your time.

Bareboat Benefits

Bareboats offer a unique experience that allows you to have complete control of your sailing vacation. Sail on your own schedule, explore different islands, bring aboard your own food, invite other people to join you with your trip and above all your own private yacht. Independence and freedom are some of great advantages you can get from bareboating.

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If you’re planning to have a trip with your loved one, you can charter small yacht that are available for only two to five persons on board or a larger yachts for friends and family up to 12 guests. There are many vessels available and CharterTree specializes in finding you a great vessel for you and your guests.

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Yacht Broker

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Let’s get started planning your next experience on the open water. Bareboat charters or our additional options, give you the ability to experience the very best we have to offer when you want to be in control. Slip on that captain’s hat and take off from the dock today.-

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