All Inclusive Yacht Charters

Our all-inclusive Caribbean charter vacations are customized to your needs! All of your meals, beverages, customs fees, moorings, water, on board activities and crew services are pre paid so that you can focus on what’s important, your rest and relaxation! A detailed food and activity preference sheet is sent to you prior to each charter.

You are able to outline in detail your favorite foods, beverages, activities and destinations through the Caribbean. The captain and crew will contact you prior to arrival to go over your preferences and put an itinerary together. With a private yacht charter you are able to go to exclusive places and the yacht will be provisioned with the items you requested. All you need to do is pack your bags and catch your flight. Your vacation is pre-paid with the exception of crew gratuities.

One example is in the British Virgin Islands at Cane Garden Bay – Cruise ships are kept out because of the reef, but your yacht can slip through to this local spot, shared only by a few other yachts and the locals. Enjoy the native music and dance on the beach, or relax without crowds. Paradise awaits…